Design something

Just for You

Design something

Just for You

Create a HOME.

Make it Timeless.

Design is a


Before the construction begins

I use a system to achieve lasting and sustainable designs for my clients. I specialize in the restoration of timeless architecture & methods for increasing quality family time & wellness within the home.


Like a dance between

Art & Science 

One cannot shine
without the other

Begin The


I enjoy working with families and assisting in the journey of living in their own dream home. Each family has their own special & unique personality and so should their environment. With careful attention to detail and vision I am able to bring ideas to life.

Expert Services

With Every Step

Floor Plan


Floor plans are an important part of a home design. A floor plan gives a visual representation of a room and helps us visualize what it would be like living in the space. Understanding what each room in the home is used for and the unique traits of the people using the space is essential to designing the floor plan possible. RKD uses principles as a foundation to build each floor plan.



Drawing out ideas to determine project goals takes creative thinking and problem solving skills. With a focus on solutions the schematic design phase produces a plan through hand drawings, sketches, and computer renderings.

Guided brainstorm
technique Exclusive to

Our Team

With 20+ Years of experience working with people I have found that one of my biggest joys in Design is the people who I meet. Many times we become friends and share personal life experiences. I developed a technique that consists of a series of questions for each member of the family who lives in the home we are working on. With understanding of each individuals needs & wants we can begin to visually see a list of priorities for the home. This technique is the most important part of the design process.

Unlimited options
to achieve a desired

Look & Feel

Because I am an independent freelance Designer I have the freedom and flexibility to work on project anywhere in the world. Each specification is chosen because it meets a requirement of an overall master plan. I don’t push furniture or holiday sales because I am not attached to any one company but rather my commitment is to my clients needs and wants.

Environmentally Conscious

And Responsible

Designers, Architects, & other creative professionals have many opportunities to show their true talents by being creative & resourceful. In fact I believe it’s our responsibility in this world. I find that the more I learn the more I know that I need to learn more!

I am currently working on a project idea called The Blue Blanket fund which will create another way of giving back to Mother Earth through small donations toward different organizations already doing great work to plant more trees, clean the ocean, & save endangered animals.

Quality products

And Services

My goal is to assist families in designing their dream home that will last for generations and display Timeless family style. I look for quality in every material used because of the longevity and respect it brings to each space in the home. Striving for the quality over quantity is my priority.

Comfortable &

Livable Spaces

A home should be a place of comfort and freedom of expression. It truly is at home where we rest, we learn, we hurt, and we heal. I design spaces to be lived in and used. This is achieved by using performance fabrics, natural surfaces, and quality craftsmanship.

Attention to

It has been said that design is in the details. Careful attention to detail makes the difference in a lasting design versus a temporary design. Consideration of the details will make all the difference in the overall look and feel of the home. At RKD we pay close attention to each detail.

Creative & Innovative


In this business many ideas play off each other but no two designs are exactly alike and that’s what makes the job fun. Staying inspired through new life experiences, study, and awareness allows me to be sensitive to the needs of an ever changing world and my relationship with my clients.

Restoration &


As a designer I see a lot of waste on projects under construction. I wonder where it all goes? After doing some research I discovered that over 300 million tons of waste each year come directly from residential construction. And that’s just in the U.S. Many of us have accepted the waste of tearing out the old to make room for the new. What if we could cut these numbers in half just by being more conscious of our decisions not only in a remodel or new build project but also in our daily lives? There is a lot of value & respect in designing new spaces with a few old things. Design doesn’t have to be about getting rid of the old to make room for what is new and trendy. In fact the use of old items in new rooms brings in interest and texture.

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